Gee Dubs - Preface To Disaster (CD)

Image of Gee Dubs - Preface To Disaster (CD)


Release: 9/6/11

Gee Dubs and Mike Chops have decided to collaborate on a 12 track project titled Preface to Disaster. The project is intended to set the stage for Dubs and showcase the unique individuality that Gifted Hoods has to offer to the game. “It all just fell into place” Chops says “we were working toward a different project for some time. We recorded probably three or four dozen tracks, all that work ended up manifesting into these ideas that brought us to the ‘Preface’ project.”

While the cover art may inspire imaginations to run wild, Preface to Disaster isn’t exactly a concept project. “There’s definitely material on there that touches on certain topics, especially with all the hype of 2012 creeping” Dubs explains “But the title is more of a metaphor for the introduction of Gifted Hoods to the music industry and the public. It’s symbolic of the idiom ‘the quite before the storm’, you don’t know us right now but once this project drops you’re gonna feel that shift in energy. We’re going to get peoples’ attention. It’s like that first crack of thunder when the sky turns gray, you know it’s only a matter of time before the rain comes pouring down.”